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28 Dec, 17

You cannot lock your wardrobe properly as you have tons of jeans, tees and such casuals that leaves you speechless.

We have yet to mention accessories, belts, shoes and such items that are supposed to make you look charming

You are therefore flabbergasted to see how you have so many clothes yet nothing to wear

This is because much of your outfits have passed their “Best Before” time and many of which you have outgrown.  So we suggest that you take some time off and toss out those clothes and items that you have stopped wearing.

The two reasons why you should toss the following items out of your wardrobe is:

For one, they are just going to eat up space in your wardrobe and you are never going to wear them,

And two is that you definitely should never even think about wearing them out in public (or even at home for that matter)!

 So bidding adieu to some of the stuff that has been lying around and catching dust. 

Here are some helpful tips to make this mission successful: 

 Still wearable:

Whenever you open your wardrobe, everything seems still wearable. So, you end you with the same amount of stuff and still some more and your wardrobe groans

Tip: Thumb rule of 6 months

Whatever you haven’t worn or used in the last six month will never be used in future. Take out those tees and cut jeans and pack them off.


As we dig deeper, you will need a helping hand to toss them out, so here goes:

1. Embroidered jeans     

Embroidered jeans, this is too ornamental and flashy.  Such jeans / pants have a short shelf life and do not suit every occasion.  Very niche, only a youngster, who is still wet behind his ears can perhaps wear it and that too not without giving a wrong impression.  You are better off without it.

#Tip: Shred them to bits and use them for some kitschy art if you wish.


2. Clothes with the 'flame' look

It is not flamboyant, it is loud!  Unless you are an entertainer who wants to blaze his fans away, even then a shirt with such prints is out. It looks way too childish.  Such shirts seem to be asking for attention in the wrong way and you don’t need it.


3. Super low baggy pants

Showing off your inners!! Leave this dramebaazi to our actors and entertainers of the world.   If you want to be treated with some respect, keep your “secrets” to yourself.  No, nobody wants to see your underwear hanging out, or worse watching them fall off in public!


4. Cargo pants

Do cargo pants evoke memories of younger days?  Then they are best left there. With its way too many pockets (which you know, you are never going to use) and bulky, out-of-shape appearance, it just looks like you are trying way too hard to look young and hip.  It looks way too clumsy and projects an indifferent attitude.


5. Studded belts

Hey, that’s way too girlie and ornamental. It is not even stylish. Too much of glare and shine will dull out your macho. Use them to tie up your bulky suitcase when traveling.


 6. Oversized jackets

“I'm sorry, but I think you have bought something that is twice your size.” This is what the girls you go on a date with or your wife will think when they see you in the oversized jackets.  But then, why would you even buy or keep an oversized coat.   Remember, it is all about being sleek and tailored.


7. Oversized belt

Into- your- face buckle??

If you are trying to be some sort of a cowboy, then it is not working.  For one, such bulky buckles looks atrocious and silly.  Don’t be surprised or offended if someone begins to laugh.


So here were a few things that could immediately be tossed out of your wardrobe.  When it comes to dressing choices, remember, why settle for something unflattering when you have a sea of better options out there? Go out there and pick those one that suits you the best.