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13 Feb, 18

What should you wear in the summer that will make heads turn wherever you go? When it comes to style and substance, do not compromise with the look! Choose carefully what you wear in the summer, as style and comfort should go together. The season for certain ubiquitous style like shorts, shirts, polo t-shirts and more allow individuals to get the most attractive look they deserve.

Dressing perfectly in summer can make you feel intimidating? We guess so, it might also seem impossible at some point. The rising mercury level lets you think twice about are you wearing the right pair of casual wear? Do you think an extremely comfortable casual wear aren’t stylish for the season? Keep in mind, dress to be comfortable rather putting on something that will irritate you all the day long.  

As sun is at its best so should your style. Wish to try something new? Stop hesitating and step out in the most stylish wear this summer.

Below is the Casual Wear Style Guide to follow this Season.


Light Colors are Good to Go

Dark colours will often irritate you whenever you move out in the sun. Before you know, you will be drained in sweat! Eww! So simply stay away of such colours during day time. You can go for mild or light colours that do not absorb heat. Light-coloured and light weight clothes are the best performers in the excessive heat. Stay cooler and dress up smarter! A light coloured hat accompanying your summer outfit will limit the sun exposure leaving you look smart without worrying about the weather.  


Carry on with shades

You may think it’s just a fashion accessory, but actually sunglasses are extremely important to protect your eyes from dust and direct sunlight. Best thing about it is, it goes perfectly well with all the summer wears. Apart from giving you a stunning look, shades has been men’s best friend [If you know what I mean ;) ]


New Season, New Style, New Print Tee

As summer is heading, you need to prepare yourself for it. Bring in a new style this summer with cool t-shirts. Pair them up with shorts, trousers or denims and get fashionable this summer. Printed t-shirts are trending these days. They’re always responsible for head turning glances. Even the full sleeves t-shirts are getting trendy due to the extreme sunlight and the need to protect the skin from getting in direct contact with the sunlight.


Give Denim a Break

Wearing denim in summer is definitely not a good idea. It will heat you up, make you sweat and leave you uncomfortable. Give a chance to the shorts and joggers, and they will be your best escape for heat to hit you. You can get a stylish look even in the shorts paired with graphic t-shirts or a summer cool shirt.


 Summer favoured Shirts

Shirts are the coolest apparels men select for styling in summer. They look cool with any bottom were. But pairing it with shorts will make you comfortable during summers. Select from the huge range of short sleeves and full sleeves shirt available to get the smartest look of the season.

Stop bothering the sunlight and go out in the jaw dropping stylish casual wear!